Ep 06: Designing Your Ideal Life

February 27, 2017

Are you living a Default Life? or a Designed Life? In this episode, Rick Barrera and Jonathan Moffat discuss the detailed description of how to design your ideal life. Why is this important? Because your dental practice places a big part in how you want to live. 

When all aspects of your life are in alignment: health, wealth, spirit, family, etc., your life and your practice will work better, and success will come easier. 

Download the "Designing Your Ideal Life" webinar at www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com 


Ep 05: Managing Your Personal Overhead

February 25, 2017

Live small right now, so you can live large forever. In this episode, we are going to discuss some of the mistakes dentists make that prevent them from building wealth or retiring early. Listen in as Rick Barrera and Jonathan Moffat discuss ways to optimize your personal life to design a life you love and a dental practice that supports it. 

Head over to www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com to download the Personal Overhead worksheet to help you in the process.


Ep 04: How To Manage Your Practice’s Overhead

February 24, 2017

Produce More. Collect All. Keep Half. This is the philosophy that Dr. Mike Abernathy and Max Gotcher have believed in for decades and what they teach their clients. Running your dental practice with only 50% overhead (YES! 50%!) is how it should be done. 

Listen as they discuss how they get a practice to 50% overhead and then download the "Overhead Schedule" at www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com to see if your practice is measuring up. 


Ep 03: Setting Personal Non-Financial and Financial Goals

February 23, 2017

Your dental practice should support your ideal life. Jonathan Moffat, financial advisor to dental practices, doesn't just work on your financial picture - but your entire life. In this episode, Jonathan discusses why it's so important to set your personal goals because they work in tandem with your professional goals. 

Head over to www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com to download the "Personal Goals" Worksheet. 


Ep 02: Setting Effective Goals For Your Practice

February 22, 2017

Dr. Mike Abernathy & Max Gotcher divulge their best strategies in developing effective goals for your practice. Listen in as they talk about why setting goals is so powerful and the best way to do so.

All dental practices should have concrete and measurable goals that every team member should be working towards. Download the "Your Practice Goals" worksheet at www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com to set goals for your dental practice. 


Ep 01: Who Are We? And Why Should You Listen To Us?

February 21, 2017

If you want 15-20% yearly growth, 50-75 new patients per month, 50% overhead and 100% collections - you should definitely listen to this podcast. Between our hosts, there is over 130 years of experience in helping dental practices just like yours. 

Dr. Mike Abernathy consistently kept his overhead at 51% or lower and wants to show you how. Max Gotcher has worked with start-up practices to multi-doctor practices collecting well over $1,000,000 per month. And Jonathan Moffat has created the only comprehensive, full service, financial services firm soley for Dentists and their families. 

Their expertise is sure to wow you, give you something new to think about, and provide you with strategies you can implement right away. 


Ep 00: Welcome To The Optimized Dental Practice Podcast!

February 21, 2017

Welcome to the Optimized Dental Practice Podcast! Join us every week, as author/speaker Rick Barrera talks with Dr. Mike Abernathy and Max Gotcher, founders of Summit Practice Solutions, joined by Jonathan Moffat, founder of Aligned Advisors to discuss how to optimize your dental practice to live your ideal life, increase revenue, innovate operations and learn creative solutions you can implement right away. 

As a Dentist and/or Dental Practice Owner, Dr. Mike Abernathy, Max Gotcher & Jonathan Moffat provide the expert strategies and practical advice you need in order to optimize your dental practice.