Bio’s of Dr. Mike, Max, Jonathan & Rick

February 18, 2017

Michael P. Abernathy, D.D.S., Founder, Summit Practice Solutions

Dr. Michael Abernathy, DDS wants to help dentists achieve greater levels of success, profitability, and enjoyment in the practice of dentistry. Dr. Abernathy’s personal practice had production levels three times the national average for over 20 years. His staff had an average tenure of 14 years. Dr. Abernathy has proven in the real world that his strategies, systems and processes work to generate higher levels of growth and profitability while reducing your stress level and enabling you to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

His desire to teach others how to duplicate his success without reinventing the wheel is what prompted Dr. Abernathy to co-found Summit Practice Solutions in 1991. Through the company’s consulting/coaching services, speaking engagements throughout the U.S. and Canada, and numerous articles published in newsletters and journals, Dr. Abernathy has inspired thousands of doctors to a renewed enthusiasm for the future of dentistry. Among his colleagues in dentistry he has earned a reputation of excellence in successful practice building. He is grounded in reality with an exciting vision for the future.

Maxwell R. Gotcher, Co-Founder and President, Summit Practice Solutions

Max Gotcher has coached dentists throughout the United States and Canada for over twenty-five years. He joined Dr. Abernathy in 1991 to co-found Summit Practice Solutions, bringing a wide variety of small business ownership, management and entrepreneurial skills to the partnership. With expertise and experience in all phases of business planning and structuring, (new business start-up, rapid growth and expansion, transition and sale) he understands and appreciates the challenges of building a profitable, rewarding business. Max is a firm believer in a systems approach to business organization and efficiency. He specializes in leadership coaching, team building, and all aspects of practice management.

Jonathan R. Moffat, Founder, Aligned Advisors

In 2012 Jonathan founded the company Aligned Advisors with one purpose in mind; to help Dentists take action and live their Ideal Life.

In 2006 Jonathan and his father founded DDS Strategies Group where they specialized in working with dentists to help them become more organized and efficient in their professional and personal lives. Also that year, Jonathan completed the Personal Financial Planning Program at UC Irvine. In 2008, he completed the Investment and Retirement Strategies Program at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Jonathan has taught on the subjects of estate, tax, goal planning and business strategy at Palomar College and Woodbury University and is the co-host of the podcast The Optimized Dental Practice.

In 2007, Jonathan in collaboration with the best selling author Harry Dent authored the well referenced white paper “The Future of Dentistry” and has been published in Orthodontic Products and Dentistry Today. He was the co-author of the book “Rich doc, Poor doc” and was a contributing author to “The Road to Success” by Dr. Michael Abernathy, DDS.

Rick Barrera, Founder & CEO, Rick Barrera & Associates

Rick Barrera started his sales career selling seeds and Christmas cards door to door when he was 12. Then he took on a paper route and doubled the circulation in his neighborhood in less than a year. At 16, he ran a phone room for the newspaper, managing a team of four part-time salespeople, adding thousands of new subscriptions. He knows how to get results.

At Husqvarna USA, Rick worked side by side with the CEO to grow revenues from 29 million to nearly half a billion in a little over a decade. At AutoCrib, Rick worked with the sales and leadership team to drive revenues at over 20 million per year for seven years.

In his speaking, consulting, and coaching, he works with your team to identify the critical difference that makes the difference to move the needle on your most important metrics.