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February 18, 2017

Dr. Mike Abernathy, Max Gotcher, Jonathan Moffat & Rick Barrera have teamed up to bring you the only fully comprehensive podcast around optimizing your dental practice. They are bringing their decades of experience to not only help you create systems and processes for your practice, but also bringing you ways to optimize your ideal life. 

With hundreds and hundreds of successful dental practice owners under their belts, our hosts are experts in taking you from surviving to thriving. Check out the downloadable resources to the right to get even more tools to help you run your dental practice -->

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"Dear Fellow Practitioners,

If you currently produce $1,000/hour with your hygienist producing an additional $200/hour for a total practice production of $1,200/hour or $9,600/day, collect 98% of it and…here is the big one…are keeping half of it, then you likely will not need the services of Summit Practice Solutions. While these numbers may seem unrealistic, I can assure you that they are indeed attainable. Max Gotcher and Summit Practice Solutions have taken my practices to unimaginable heights. With just myself, one hygienist and a great team we make it happen using their systems. Last year, we saw patients 32 hours/week, less vacation including a week in Turks, and Caicos, a week in Park City, a week in Steamboat, a week at the lake of the Ozarks, a week in New Mexico elk hunting and 2 weeks deer hunting. Despite all of this vacation and not working on Fridays, we netted over $650,000…not gross…net! Today, at the age of 33, with the help of Summit Practice Solutions, I am setting the stage for semi-retirement…cutting back to 2 days a week…beginning later this year. All in all, not bad for someone just 9 years out of dental school. I can assure you, the time and money you invest in Max and Summit will reward you in extraordinary ways. Please feel free to call me personally anytime on my mobile at 217.257.0387. I will happily answer any questions you have about my practices or Summit’s services!


K. J. Sturhahn, DMD
3328 Cambridge Estates
Quincy, IL 62301