Ep 13: Treatment Planning and Acceptance

April 19, 2017

Dr. Mike Abernathy uncovers how to actually get a treatment plan accepted. We'll be talking about the roadmap to follow to make sure that the patient understands the treatment plan and how to give them what they want as well as what they need. Dr. Mike tells us that our staff is there to tee us up to make the perfect shot - learning about the patient's wants, needs, fears, budget, etc. - that allows you to give the patient a perfect treatment plan.


Ep 12: Bookkeeping Done Right

April 12, 2017

It's hard to believe that bookkeeping can be done wrong - but it can. In this episode of The Optimized Dental Practice, Jonathan Moffat, founder of Aligned Advisors will go in to detail about how bookkeeping for your dental practice should be done. 


Ep 11: Creating Financial Arrangements - The RIGHT Way

April 5, 2017

In this episode, Dr. Mike Abernathy walks us through how to properly set up financial arrangements BEFORE any work is done. Training your staff to have these conversations the right way will ensure you get paid 100% of the time for your work. 


Ep 10: Financial Planning For Your Practice

March 22, 2017

Today we are going to be talking about Financial Planning for your dental practice - something people think they understand and often times do not. We are going to dig in to what a truly excellent financial plan looks like. 


Bonus Episode: Dr. Tony Allesandra - Relationship Strategies

March 8, 2017

Dr. Tony Allesandra is the author of 27 books in 50 foreign languages! Some of his books include Collaborative Selling and the Platinum Rule. An expert in behavioral styles, this bonus episode is CRUCIAL if you want to better lead your staff and practice. 

Download the personality assessments at www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com


Ep 09: Collections

March 8, 2017
Everyone hates collections, HOWEVER, in this episode we'll be talking about how collections aren't a problem - they are an opportunity. Poor financial arrangements are typically the culprit. So we'll be tackling how to optimize your practice to collect 100% and not be stuck with the "bill."
As a bonus, we'll be providing you with an "inbetweenisode" with Dr. Tony Allesandra, one of the leading authorities in teh world on behavioral styles and the author of "The Platinum Rule"
We're also providing you with one of Dr. Allesandra's assessments for you to take and share with your spouse. You'll be amazed at the insights. www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com

Ep 08: The Importance of Values in Your Practice

March 6, 2017
"Decision-making is easy when your values are clear." - Roy Disney.
Today we are going to discuss the power of value and how they affect your personal and professional life. Getting clear on your values help you quickly and easily make decisions. Living and working in alignment with your values will help accelerate your practice's growth and patient care. Download the worksheets on defining your personal values and your practice values at www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com

Ep 07: Solving The Cancellation Problem

March 2, 2017

Dr. Mike Abernathy explains how perfecting your schedule for maximum productivity. Engineering your day is critical to your success. In this podcast we discuss the principles of a great schedule and why this is one of the simplest ways to makeover your practice. Download the "Power Day" at www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com to design your ideal day.


Ep 06: Designing Your Ideal Life

February 27, 2017

Are you living a Default Life? or a Designed Life? In this episode, Rick Barrera and Jonathan Moffat discuss the detailed description of how to design your ideal life. Why is this important? Because your dental practice places a big part in how you want to live. 

When all aspects of your life are in alignment: health, wealth, spirit, family, etc., your life and your practice will work better, and success will come easier. 

Download the "Designing Your Ideal Life" webinar at www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com 


Ep 05: Managing Your Personal Overhead

February 25, 2017

Live small right now, so you can live large forever. In this episode, we are going to discuss some of the mistakes dentists make that prevent them from building wealth or retiring early. Listen in as Rick Barrera and Jonathan Moffat discuss ways to optimize your personal life to design a life you love and a dental practice that supports it. 

Head over to www.theoptimizeddentalpractice.com to download the Personal Overhead worksheet to help you in the process.